Takeaway Kits

No Click and Collect at the studio but we will start a delivery service again - weekly beginning Sat 13th February.

Collection at the studio will start again once the travel restrictions are lifted.

Any of our pottery can be painted at home using our Takeaway Kits. Slightly amended during lockdown but still pretty simple:
- choose your pottery,
- choose your paint colours, some items are restricted to 6 colours, others you can choose either bright or pastel colours (set of 12 small amounts of each colour). Additional colours are available to purchase if needed   
- Whilst the Essential Travel Only restrictions are in place we cannot allow collections from the studio, sorry. All takeaway kits will be delivered to your door and picked up after painting, usually 1 week later but a maximum of 2 weeks if something unexpected crops up!

-we'll deliver on a Saturday afternoon, starting 13th Feb until further notice. Painted pottery will be picked up on a Saturday morning unless notified otherwise.

- kits are on loan for a maximum of 2 weeks. Additional weeks will be charged at £5 per week
- you can choose for us to return your fired pottery to you for a small fee, or we'll hold it in the studio until lockdown is lifted. Pottery will be held for a max of 3 months after lockdown lifted.

A few details 

- You can select any pottery online to be taken and painted at home.

- The takeaway kit includes 12 small pots of colour in either bright rainbow or pastel shades. If you require more than a small amount of each colour you will need to purchase more of that colour, available in 1oz quantities.

- The takeaway kit is on loan for one week only and any unused colour must be returned to the studio. Any colours bought in addition to the kit are yours to keep to use on future projects.

- We will provide 2 brushes with each kit, one medium and one small size brush. If you need other sizes, you can buy them from us online or use whatever you have at home (as long as they haven't been used with glue or glitter or oil-based paints)

- Please look after your kit and return it in good order. The kit contains more paint than you will need and in most cases is worth more than the pottery - please be kind and look after our kits.

- The paints are actually water-based glazes and should only be used on our pottery.

- Please do not use any other paint on your pottery - it won't survive the kiln. Please, please, please don't add glitter!

- We include full instructions with each kit but we encourage you to ask us if you're not sure of anything at all. There's no such thing as a daft question!

- All pottery needs to be returned to the studio to be glazed and fired.


Orders can be placed and collected at the studio on any day that we're open.

We will be starting delivery again just before October half-term.

Orders placed up til 2pm on Friday will be delivered that evening.

Delivery is free for orders over £25 or £3 for orders less than this.

We will deliver on Friday evening and will pick up the following Saturday (1 week's painting time)

We will only deliver once a week to start off with - we'll monitor demand weekly though and adjust if necessary.

Kits can be kept longer than one week for £5 per kit, per week - payable before pottery is fired. Apologies for this, we don't want to do it but we can't afford to constantly be replacing kits that haven't been returned - we hope you understand.