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Prints on Pottery

Jeanette has unfortunately broken her back and is under strict instructions not to do too much for the next few months so her back can heal. Baby prints strictly only by appointment for this reason, just give us a ring or message to book. We can usually be pretty flexible but we really need to be strict about appointment only for the next few months. 

Prints on pottery can be taken from birth and the pottery will be glazed, fired and ready to collect  in about a week. A lot faster than the clay!

There is a huge range of pottery suitable for prints. Basically as long as it's big enough to fit those little feet on, we can get a print.

Please note the grasp reflex is very strong for the first few months, so it will be footprints on pottery for the first 4-5 months. The clay imprints are very popular because we can get a good handprint as well as footprint in the clay.

baby foot 1.JPG
baby pic.jpg
dad 15.jpg
heart plate Daddy.jpg
dad 21.jpg
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