Pretty Flamingo Sewing Kit

Pretty Flamingo Sewing Kit

This pretty flamingo sewing kit contains everything you need to make your very own flamingo. The kit comes complete with full instructions and template. Your kit contains: felt polyester stuffing thread needle pipe cleaners beads instructions and template. Once complete your flamingo will measure approximately 22cm. Perfect for upgrading your sewing skills aged 7 and up. Everything comes packaged in a beautifully designed cardboard box.
  • Paints, Brushes and More

     Your pottery painting kit comes complete with a set of 6 colours (either brights or pastels) or you can choose your own 4 colours. If you don't select one of these options we will include a bright kit automatically. If you would like any additional colours, these can be purchased in 1/2 oz pots in the Paints, Brushes and More section of the shop. The set of 6 colours are returned to the studio with your pottery item - but any additional colours are yours to keep and use for future projects.

    Similarly, your kit comes with 2 brushes - one medium, one small. If you would like any different sized brushes, we have a limited stock for purchase. Nothing nicer than a new brush!

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