Delivery And Drop Off

How it works

Collection at the Studio

We wish we had a magic unicorn that could carry on delivering to you whilst we work in the studio - but sadly, we don't.

We re-opened the studio on 3rd August, so we cannot now offer a delivery service. If we go into lockdown again, this will be reinstated immediately obviously.

All orders placed online will be ready as quickly as possible - we'll text you to know when it's ready! This should be just hours after placing the order, definitely on the same day.

At the moment we're only open Friday/Saturday/Sunday - although we'll be back to 7 days a week over October half-term (assuming we're not in lockdown!)

Kits are on loan for one week only - this is really important to us. If you keep the kits longer, we lose money - it's that simple. Blunt but true! It takes a week once they come back to quarantine/wash/sterlise/top-up etc., so that one week loan is really 2 weeks out of circulation. We just can't afford to keep replacing ones that don't come back. 

Any queries, please just ask. We're pretty friendly!

Pottery drop off - Click and Collect - Pottery Pick-up

Click and Collect

If you are local, this might be a faster option for you if you need your kits quickly. Click and Collect orders can be ready one working day after placing your order. We'll confirm this when your order is received.

Fired Pottery Collections

It will now be possible for you to collect pottery that was ready before lockdown. You will need to tell us your invoice number when you collect so we can get your pottery without delay. If you don't know your invoice number, please message us in advance with as much information as possible - date, name on invoice, pottery painted - and we will find the number for you as quickly as we can. We will message you with your invoice number and you can then collect.

Returning Kits

 We have re-opened the studio now and will be open a minimum of 4 days a week. This might change week-to-week so always check current opening times on our facebook page or Google before travelling. If you're not sure, just fb message, email or call - we'll do our best to answer even if we're not open that day.

Please make sure everything is back inside the original packaging. You will be dropping (not literally we hope) your kit onto a table at the entrance to the studio. Contactless drop-off but we'll be in the studio hoping for a smile or a wave before you go! If your kit was pre-lockdown, please pop a note inside the bag with your name, email and contact phone number. Orders placed online will have your order number on the packaging, so no need for any extra info. We'll send a text or email when your pottery has been fired and is ready to collect. We expect a 10 day - 2 week turnaround as your returned kits will go into quarantine for 4 days before we begin the process of glazing and firing.

The studio is closed to the public. No-one will be allowed inside, sorry.

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