Changing how we work

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the business we love - but we are creative souls, so whilst you can't join us in the studio - we are bringing The Potting Shed experience to you at home.

We have a large selection of kits to choose from, both pottery painting and many other crafts to make sure the fun doesn't stop just because you're stuck at home! 

We also have party ideas, step-by-step workshops, lockdown family projects, pocket money crafts up to big pieces that will take hours and hours to complete. Colouring in pieces where the pattern is already fired onto the pot, speciality glazes for awesome effects - so many choices. Have a look and see what you fancy doing today!

We'll make sure your Potting Shed experience is safe and fun with ideas for every age group. Heck. we'll even deliver Eddie's famous Malteser tiffin or brownie if you want some!

Keep checking back as we'll be adding new kits as fast as we can.

If you have any questions at all, please just ask. 

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Storms don't last forever

After 14 years of running a studio where you could just pop in and get creative, we find ourselves having to find a new way to work. We have had so many messages of support and concern and we have been incredibly touched by your kindness. Thank you so much.

We've used the past 8 weeks that we've been closed to work on a safe way to deliver a new service to you. We've risk-assessed every step of the way to make sure we'll be safe as well as you. Our staff are furloughed so it will just be us (Jeanette and Eddie) doing everything to start off with. You might need to bear with us at the beginning until we get used to this 'new normal' way of working!

At all times our priority will be your safety and our own.

We can now offer a Click-and-Collect type service, so you can order and pay online and collect from the studio at a set time. This will, of course, be non-contact collection and will be at the door, not inside the studio. Sadly we think the studio will remain closed for quite some time to come. 

Alternatively, we'll be delivering 3-4 days a week across the whole of the Wirral. This service will be free for orders over £25 or there will be a token £2 charge for orders less than this value. Again, this service will be completely non-contact. We'll leave your kit on the doorstep at a pre-arranged day/time, ring the bell and walk away to a safe distance. We'll wait until we've seen you, given you a cheery socially-distanced wave, and then we'll be on our way.

If you have chosen a pottery painting kit that needs to be glazed and fired, we will collect your kit from you one week later. We'll give full details about this with your delivery. Once the pottery is fired, you can arrange to collect it at the studio door - at a pre-arranged day and time to suit you. At all times we will do whatever is necessary to observe strict social distancing, hence no collections will be allowed if not pre-booked. We're adding a booking system online for collections so you'll be able to book for yourselves - but it's not fully functional just yet. 

All deliveries, regardless of value, will be delivered free until the end of May.

We are so excited for the chance to see you again - even if it is at a distance!


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