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Tiny Feet

Baby Prints on pottery

We are baby print specialists with 18 years experience of getting the best print possible from your little new arrival. Footprints can be made on pottery from birth - the process is very gentle.  Handprints are tricky due to the grasp reflex but can usually be acheived around the 5 month mark

baby foot 1.JPG

Step 1

Book a 1-2-1 appointment

The easiest way to get help with your baby prints is to give us a call and check our availability. Some times of the year are mad busy and we will take online bookings only (October  - Christmas is particularly busy!) For the rest of the year we can be a bit more flexible.

Step 2

Choose your pottery

Easier said than done! We have a huge choice of pottery that is suitable for baby prints. Everything from mugs, plates, bowls, photo frames, clocks, trinket boxes and Christmas baubles etc

clay canvas small.jpg

Step 3

Get the print onto the pottery (with our help)

If you've booked an appointment, we'll be with you every step of the way. We'll advise on colour and place the painted hand or foot onto the pottery. Your job is cuddles during this step.

Step 4

Decorate your pottery

We'll give you advice and guidance and you can get creative to make the most of the lovely prints on your pottery. If you're not artistic, don't worry - it's not as difficult as you might think!

When you've finished, just leave the pottery with us for a week or so and the kiln will work its magic.

Snowman foot pic.jpg
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