Providing a safe space for you to enjoy your pottery painting


We have always striven to make the Potting Shed a fun, safe, comfortable place to enjoy a few hours of creative down-time. Covid didn't change that, it just made it more difficult! 

Writing this at the end of May '22, it feels unreal that the past 2+ years have happened but we survived by putting the safety of our painters first. That's still the case.

We still have screens between the tables. We still have staggered start times. We still have only 40% of the tables that we had pre-Covid. We still clean between each family/group (we always did that anyway!) We're hoping to relax some of this as we get towards the Summer but we know many of our painters like to have their own space and like the current set-up.

Staff still test every working day but are no longer required to wear masks or visors. We leave that choice to the staff themselves. If you would prefer staff to wear a mask when looking after you, please just tell us - we won't be offended.