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Family-sized Cookie Jar, great for handprints!

Family-sized Cookie Jar, great for handprints!

Let us know if you'd like to do handprints on this pot and we'll pack up everything you'll need eg special brushes and large pots of paint. Tell us how many hands and your choice of colours when you order. We got 2 adults hands and 2 grown-up kids hands on ours. 

We are happy to do the writing on your pottery for you if you'd like. Personally, I think it looks really special if you all do your names in your own handwriting. You can do this with the pen we'll include in the kit and we'll go over your writing in paint before it's fired. Whether you're doing handprints or not, we'll include a full paint kit so you can decorate your pot any way you'd like. Mini rainbows are ridiculously popular at the moment!

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