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Book your table to Paint in the studio

Limited Tables to keep you safe

We're re-opening on Monday 3rd August, but with only 6 socially-distanced tables instead of the usual 22! BOOKINGS BEING TAKEN ONLINE FOR TABLES FROM MONDAY 3RD AUGUST. Because we have so few spaces to paint inside and to control the number of people and movement, we have introduced this booking system. All bookings are staggered so only 1 family at a time will be coming into the studio. There is a £20 a table deposit to book - we're really sorry but we can't afford no-shows any more.
There are tables for 2 and 4 and the option for 6 if needed. If in doubt, give us a ring! There is a maximum of 1 non-painter per table. This booking system isn't ideal, but it's the best we could do without our web designers help, please be kind!
As with most things at The Shed, if in doubt, just ask. 
Please read the Covid-19 page to understand the changes to the business and what you can expect when you visit - and what we'll expect from you.
We're so excited to have you back, but your safety will always be our top priority.

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